Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It has been super crazy here in the Bond household. As much as there has been going on, I haven't really felt like blogging. Mostly because I feel like I say the same old thing all the time. I talk about school with the boys, soccer with the boys, etc. I'm sure everyone gets tired of hearing about all of that! So, I will just give a quick update on what's going on and we shall see how it goes!

Wally (19): Has been home from college for a while now. To earn money for his upcoming missions, he is working at McDonald's and delivering newspapers. He will be leaving in January to serve in Milan, Italy! We are super excited at this wonderful opportunity! Temporarily he has been in the community theatre, but this is his last weekend, so hopefully he will start catching up on some sleep!

Pokemon King (14): Just started public high school a few weeks ago. Sadly, he got a late start due to a move, but he is fitting right in. He's thinking of joining the German club. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to do soccer this season. He couldn't try out for the school team, because we weren't in the district yet and the local soccer group didn't have enough interest for the select team and the recreational team plays on Sundays. So, he's pretty sad about that. We are hoping to get him in indoor somewhere soon.

Dinodude (11): Soccer, soccer, soccer! That pretty much sums up Dinodude's life. He joined the select team so he has 2 practices a week and games on the weekends. This weekend is the final tournament until Spring. Other than that he is currently in 6th grade homeschool and doing pretty well. He's a big help with his brothers as well.

Rocket (7): He, too, plays soccer. His soccer is like the select team only they call it the academy. Rocket's practice is the same day as Dinodude's and the same place, so that works out extremely well! His soccer skills have improved so much since he started. We are very proud at how far he has come and grateful we decided to do the academy instead of the recreational.

Chaos (4): Is still very chaotic. He just started playing soccer this season. He is a mini-Dinodude. Soccer is definitely his sport. He knows what to do and how to do it. It's like he's been playing for years. Well, I guess he has!

Bond and I have just been cruising along. Working, schooling, transportation, etc. Kids just keep us busy, but at least we stay out of trouble!