Monday, January 26, 2009

Listening to Rocket

While I'm waiting for Babymoon's bottle to heat up, I hear Rocket in Babymoon's room singing to him. He's singing, "I Love to See the Temple." There's a part of the song that says, "this is our sacred duty." This is Rocket's version of that line:

This is my secret duty.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Conversation With Rocket

I just put Rocket to bed a while ago. A few minutes ago I heard him calling me, so I went to see what he wanted.

Rocket (smiling): Guess who's my friend!

Me: Who?

Rocket: Periwinkle! (from Blue's Clues)

Me: Really? That's nice, but it's time to go to sleep.

Rocket: Periwinkle's at his house.

Me: I know. He's probably sleeping.

Rocket (sadly): I miss him. He's on the TV.

Me: I know. You can watch him tomorrow.

Rocket (even more sadly): When's he going to get out of the TV?

Me: I'm sorry, honey, but that's where Periwinkle lives. We just get to watch him on TV.

Poor Rocket seemed even more sad. Now I think I'm sad!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dinodude's a Sleepwalker!

Sometimes we'll hear Dinodude or Rocket talking in their sleep. It's always funny to hear the conversations that go on in their minds! Lately, Rocket's been calling out Wally's name telling him to stop it. Not sure what 'it' is, but whatever 'it' is, it bothers Rocket!

Well, last night, I hear Dinodude run down the hall to the bathroom. He was sick the day before, so I assumed he was just going in there to throw up. Then he comes running in our room. (His running was very, very loud!) He goes over to Bond's side of the bed and says, "Mom!" So, I look over and say, "what's the matter?" He runs over to my side, and starts to complain, "why can't I play football?" I said, "What? It's the middle of the night. You can't play football now. Wait until tomorrow." Without a word, he goes running back out of the room and down the hall again. Then, I hear him run back in our room to Bond's side again, then to mine without saying anything. After that he goes running back into his room.

Around 4am or so, Rocket wakes up to come in our bed. I noticed that Dinodude wasn't in his bed. I was a little panicky, but then I thought maybe he just went with Bond to deliver the newspapers. When Bond came home I asked him if Dinodude had gone with him, because I didn't see him in his bed. He said Dinodude was asleep on the chair in the bonus room! Crazy kid! When I walked into the bonus room later, Dinodude shockingly said, "Mom! I went to sleep in my bed, but I woke up here!" He barely remembered anything from the night.

I'm sure it all stemmed from watching the Steelers/Ravens game. But, I guess we'll have to keep an eye out for our sleepwalker!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Is this the same baby? They look pretty similar, but nope.

This is Dinodude...

This is Babymoon...

Scary isn't it?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get Your Kids Off the Sidewalks!!

Wally got his temps today. I'm officially speechless.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Things You Can't Do in Public School

We started back up today. As I sit here feeding Babymoon, I'm reminiscing at how our day has gone by today. I'm thinking of what we are doing and thinking 'you can't do that in public school.'

You can't...
...hang a blanket over your banister to perform a puppet show on Marco Polo.
...go outside on your lunch break to have a Kool-Aid/Water stand. your math in a fort your dad helped you build.
...take a break to hold your baby brother & make him laugh.
...decide what you want to do first.
...tell your 4 year old brother that your math worksheet is mail & have him deliver it to your teacher/mom. pirates and do your assignments at the same time. be continued!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Here's Rocket's slideshow. It's not the nice one I intended to use, but it'll do. After searching for hours for baby pictures and pictures from the hospital, I realized that those pictures were on the camera that was stolen when we went to King's Island. I'm so bummed. I have a few from when we came home, but no hospital pictures. There were also quite a few from his first couple of months. So, if you have any pictures of Rocket when he was 0-12 months, I'd love to have a copy!

So, once again...

Happy Birthday Rocket!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

2008 was a crazy year. 2009 will probably be just as crazy, if not crazier! I've always been one to make resolutions. But, I've also been one to never keep them! This year might be different, might not. Who knows?! Here's a few to get me going:

  • Get in shape. Isn't this on everyone's list? I still have some baby bulge left. I'm hoping to get rid of it so I can fit into more of my pants.
  • Get on a schedule with school. We've been too relaxed. Although we've been getting our school done, it takes the majority of the day. I want to get out of that routine. I want to be done either by lunch or shortly after. It is harder since Bond is usually home during the day. We all just want to hang out with him.
  • Keep up with the house. The last few days we've been doing okay. If everyone pitches in and does their chores, it stays pretty nice. The major problem is Dinodude not putting his toys away when he's done. He gets something out and plays for a while, then leaves it out. He keeps telling me he's going to play later, but he never does.
  • Get out of the house. This one's really hard for me. I'm such a homebody. I'm completely content staying in the house all day. I'm hoping to do some nature walks with the boys and have them keep a nature journal.
  • Help Pokemon King earn his Webelos badge.
  • Do better with my church callings.
  • Read more. I've been reading the Twilight series. I'm halfway through the third book now. After that series, I'll need some suggestions, so let me know what some good books are.

I think that's more than enough things I won't be able to 'resolute.' So, we shall see how it goes.

In the meantime, I wish you a very Happy New Year!!!