Sunday, June 16, 2013

Where Have We Been?

Long time, no write! I probably should've just left my Christmas background up. Sadly, that's probably when the next post will be! If you're wondering what we've been up to, let me break it down for you.

Wally left for his mission in February. He went to the MTC until March. Currently he is in Pesaro, Italy. Wow! He's doing an amazing job. He just recently lost his companion to a transfer and is looking forward to meeting his new companion. 

Pokemon King just finished his first year of public high school. He did a great job! Mostly A's to round out the year. He's made some new friends and is getting ready to train for soccer. He missed soccer last year because we weren't yet in the district and they wouldn't let him play or attend the school until we were in the district. 

Dinodude had a pretty good season for soccer. He was on the select team for the year. Sadly, there have been some changes with the soccer association and he is no longer able to have the same coach. Some of his teammates are remaining the same, so that is good. He met his new coach and seems to like him. I hope all goes well.

Rocket participated in the soccer academy. It was kind of like the select team, but they concentrated more on the skills. He didn't have very many wins, but his competency level has drastically increased! He is going to be on the select team this year as well. 

Chaos did recreational soccer and was such a super star. He tried to let his teammates score, but some of them just weren't that interested, so it seemed like it was all up to him! I should say that modesty is definitely not one of his traits. After scoring many goals, his coach said, "Wow! You're a great soccer player!" (Or something to that effect) and he replies, "I know." We are looking forward to another great season. 

Pokemon King and Dinodude will be attending scout camp next month, so that will be fun for them. Other than that, we don't have much going on for the summer. Hoping to get some trips in to the zoo and COSI. That is if I remember to renew my memberships! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmastime is here....

We are all decked out for Christmas! As many of you know, we recently moved....again. I guess we just love change! We have a cute, little house. Sadly, most of our decorations are going to stay in their boxes, due to the fact that we have no room to put them all out this year. That's okay. It's less to clean up after Christmas!!

I realized the pictures of our boys were pretty old, so I've updated them, with the exception of Wally. With him being away for the year, we don't have a recent one. No worries...he hasn't really changed much! Probably after Christmas I can update his.

I'm hoping to keep the blog more active. We will see how that goes! LOL! I keep trying, but failing. I should probably go back to the journaling things I was doing before. That way at least something gets written! Again...we will see what happens!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It has been super crazy here in the Bond household. As much as there has been going on, I haven't really felt like blogging. Mostly because I feel like I say the same old thing all the time. I talk about school with the boys, soccer with the boys, etc. I'm sure everyone gets tired of hearing about all of that! So, I will just give a quick update on what's going on and we shall see how it goes!

Wally (19): Has been home from college for a while now. To earn money for his upcoming missions, he is working at McDonald's and delivering newspapers. He will be leaving in January to serve in Milan, Italy! We are super excited at this wonderful opportunity! Temporarily he has been in the community theatre, but this is his last weekend, so hopefully he will start catching up on some sleep!

Pokemon King (14): Just started public high school a few weeks ago. Sadly, he got a late start due to a move, but he is fitting right in. He's thinking of joining the German club. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to do soccer this season. He couldn't try out for the school team, because we weren't in the district yet and the local soccer group didn't have enough interest for the select team and the recreational team plays on Sundays. So, he's pretty sad about that. We are hoping to get him in indoor somewhere soon.

Dinodude (11): Soccer, soccer, soccer! That pretty much sums up Dinodude's life. He joined the select team so he has 2 practices a week and games on the weekends. This weekend is the final tournament until Spring. Other than that he is currently in 6th grade homeschool and doing pretty well. He's a big help with his brothers as well.

Rocket (7): He, too, plays soccer. His soccer is like the select team only they call it the academy. Rocket's practice is the same day as Dinodude's and the same place, so that works out extremely well! His soccer skills have improved so much since he started. We are very proud at how far he has come and grateful we decided to do the academy instead of the recreational.

Chaos (4): Is still very chaotic. He just started playing soccer this season. He is a mini-Dinodude. Soccer is definitely his sport. He knows what to do and how to do it. It's like he's been playing for years. Well, I guess he has!

Bond and I have just been cruising along. Working, schooling, transportation, etc. Kids just keep us busy, but at least we stay out of trouble!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I can't believe it's April and I haven't blogged since January! Apparently the Bond family is super busy these days. So, here's the latest happenings.

Wally comes home from BYU in 5 days! Yes....5 days!!! We are so excited to have him home. We've missed him so much. Sadly, four days after he comes home, he will undergo surgery to fix an ACL tear. Poor guy....he tore his ACL doing a heel kick. Guess he'll think twice before he does that again! But, he wants to get it done before his mission. I don't blame him. All that walking and biking.....he's going to need that ACL in one piece!

Soccer season has crept its way into our lives again. Pokemon King, Dinodude, and Rocket are all playing this year. Pokemon King and Dinodude do some traveling, too, so that makes it even more interesting! We dread the day they all have games at the same time in three different places! Chaos will get to play in the fall. Until then, he's practicing up a storm!

So, for now we are just trucking along. As far as homeschooling, we are slowly getting things accomplished. I think we've hit the homeschooling blah season. But, we already took off a few weeks in February and March. I think we are just having trouble getting back into our routine. Hopefully, we will get into the swing of things here soon. After all, if we keep taking time off, we'll have to school through the summer and I know the boys don't want to do that!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy New Year

Another year has quickly come and gone. Wally is now back at college. Even though he was here for almost 3 weeks, he was so busy. I feel like I completely missed him. It was still nice to have him back. Poor guy, though. Shortly before he came home he did something to his knee. After a trip to the doctor, he found out he tore his ACL! How, you might ask? By doing a heel kick. Only Wally! It appears that he will need to have surgery. He is going to finish out his college year, then do it shortly after he comes home.

In addition to Wally's injury, Dinodude has broken, yet, another bone! This time his right thumb. How, you might ask, did this happen? For Christmas, the boys got an Xbox Connect. While playing one of the games, he fell and landed right on his thumb. Three breaks in roughly a four month period. That's got to be some kind of record, right?

Other than that, we had a pretty nice Christmas. Here are a few snapshots. After we downloaded the pictures and videos, we realized we had mor videos than pictures, so there aren't a whole lot of actual photos. Maybe next year!

Friday, December 16, 2011

It's All Relative Friday

Since it's Relative Friday, I'm going to jump and shout that....


We picked him up from the airport on Wednesday evening. It was so awesome as we pulled up and there he was...sitting on his suitcase! I almost couldn't believe my eyes! It seemed like years, but also hours that we saw him last. He had some excitement trying to get here. First, he missed the first bus, so he had to get on a later bus. His directions seemed foreign to the bus driver, so the bus driver told him he should get on a train. So, he gets on the train, but shortly after realizes he left his ipod on the bus! He calls the bus company and they tell him he has to wait 24 hours. Wonderful! Not too much longer he gets a call from the guy who found his ipod! Yeah!! Only in Utah, right? So, he's going to send it to him. Then, he gets on his final bus to take him to the airport. On one of his rides, some lady starts talking to him like she's known him for years! Smile and and nod! He gets to the airport with 4 minutes to spare! As he's approaching the terminal, the airport people are yelling at him. "Wally!! Hurry up!!! We've been waiting for you!!!" I guess they knew he was the last passenger and were cheering him on! So, he made it safely home!

As soon as we pull up in the driveway, 2 people approach us and it happens to be 2 of his friends from high school! Wally is extremely surprised! They came in and stayed for a while to catch up. I'm not sure how long they stayed, though!

Yesterday, he hung out at the high school visiting his friends and teachers. Then, later for the chorale concert and the tradition of Steak 'n' Shake afterwards. It's so nice to have him home...hopefully he can make some time for us, too!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday